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Making decisions about what to do after high school  can be tough.  Deciding what subjects to choose for Grade 11 and 12 that focus on your strengths can also be tough. Information gathered from a Vocational Assessment can provide your child with objective information that can help them make these decisions.

A Vocational Assessment can look at your child’s:

  • career interests;
  • their self-perceived abilities;
  • the type of tasks they would enjoy at work;
  • and assess whether they have the necessary abilities for the type of careers they may be interested in.

Benefits of A Vocational Assessment

The vocational assessments are  designed for individuals who are looking for some direction as they think about their options for the future.  You may find our services useful if your child is:

  • Experiencing difficulty identifying an educational or career path that would fit best for them.
  • In need of more information about themselves, and potential career paths.
  • Planning their initial entry into the work force.
  • Is interested in exploring up to date salary summary and job prospects for careers that they might be interested in pursuing

Many high school students find that it may be premature to make highly specific decisions about their career.  We understand that vocational interests are still developing and may not have fully stabilised when we first meet our clients.

Making decisions about your child’s career choices and path is an ongoing evolving process but knowledge is power and allows everyone to make informed decisions.

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