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Could this be your child?

  • Do you feel that your child’s results are not reflective of their ability?
  • Are they consistently behind their peers in reading, spelling, maths or story writing?
  • Is their NAPLAN score below average?
  • Have they completed a Reading Recovery program and made limited progress.
  • Have trouble recalling information
  • Their exam marks don’t always reflect their ability
  • Attending tutoring
  • Attends Speech Therapy and have reached a plateau in their progress
  • Consistently reluctant to do their homework
  • Regularly forgets to hand in work and leaves projects to the last minute
  • Complains of headaches or stomach aches before going to school
  • Have a glazed look when you ask them a question
  • Gets into trouble a lot at school
  • Has difficulty staying on tasks and is easily distracted
  • Is going to be one of the youngest kids in their class when they start school
  • Would benefit from being allocated extra time during exams

If you ticked Yes to any of the boxes above, then help is just an assessment away.

This test can uncover valuable information about your child’s style of learning that can assist the teacher in helping the child develop his or her full potential. The results of this test will determine if your child may benefit from being given extra time and breaks for exams and extensions for assignments, extra worksheets or a modified learning plan.

This test is performed best before commencing private tuition as it will give your tutor specific information about what areas need to be targeted.

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