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The experiences of early childhood have lifelong implications for our ability to become productive, socially adjusted contributors to society” Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth

Open letter to all the mums and dads,

Chances are, you are looking at this website because you are wondering if you are about to make one of the most important decisions about your child’s educational future – sending your child to Kindergarten. This decision can be an agonising one as we are often given conflicting and inaccurate information.

If the truth is to be told, you are right to be concerned. Research shows that children who enter school but who should otherwise have stayed back another year have been shown to:

  • do less well in school
  • develop a dislike for learning
  • experience difficulties interacting with their peers
  • more likely to worry more and feel less comfortable in their environment
  • more likely to suffer from low esteem

Children that are held back but would have benefitted from starting Kindergarten are:

  • more likely to be bored and demotivated
  • can at times act immature as a result of playing with less mature children

Do not send a child to school thinking that they can repeat if they have to. We want the first year of school to be exciting, successful and not just one where the child attempts to ‘cope’ and then has to do it all again. Repeating a child at a later stage has been found to have negative outcomes for the child in terms of their confidence and social skills.

This makes the decision to begin school a very important one to get right.

A two hour consultation is all it takes to make the right decision. Not only will you know if your child is school ready, but we will be able to give you the confidence on how you can support your child’s learning, drawing on the things that they are good, so the experience becomes positive for all, especially for your child.

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