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Workshops for the parents

  • 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching Parenting Course
  • Anxiety Prevention Program

Workshops for the staff

The complexity of early childhood learning and development and the changing nature of the field means that early childhood professionals need to constantly reflect on and update their skills. This can be achieved by running on-site PD training on subjects of interest.


Parents and early childhood educators have in-depth knowledge of the children in their care, based on their expertise, their understanding of each individual child’s developmental milestones, their environment, and their personal experiences. Quite often as a teacher you are approached by parents and asked to make the call if their child is ready for school.

They maybe be either considering enrolling their child into a private school, where the wrong decision could cost them thousands, or they may have some concerns about their child’s development or they are simply loving anxious parents.

Other times, you as a teacher may have formed a strong belief that the child is not ready for school – child’s development in one or more of the developmental domains (social/ emotional/ language/ cognitive) has not yet reached sufficient maturity to be able to cope easily with school and yet the parent is adamant about moving the child on. Whatever decision you make, the parents are depending on you.

An independent school readiness assessment from a qualified early childhood educator or child psychologist may be helpful in relieving some of this pressure as a teacher. A child psychologist will work alongside you and help the parent make the right and informed decision. Assessment can take place at your preschool or at the client’s home.

Why don’t you book a School Readiness Information evening at your school

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