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"Early childhood development is complex and multi-faceted; requiring professionals in a range of sectors to collaborate so that support for each child’s learning and development is integrated and holistic"

Whether you are an Early Childhood teacher, Day Care staff member or school teacher, working collaboratively with other professionals will not just make your job easier but benefit your students and their families.

Working in partnership allows effective planning and information sharing to better assist your students and provide better support to families and teaching staff.

Psychological Assessment Solutions provides support by offering opportunities to work collaboratively with your local Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Special Education tutors.


  • School Readiness talks can be conducted at your daycare/preschool
  • Effective partnerships can ensure continuity in learning and development of your existing skills and knowledge
  • Keep up to date with latest research and development on child related topics. Sign Up Now
  • We keep you empowered with informative and yet simple screener tools for children suspected of experiencing behavioural difficulties, language and communication difficulties, learning difficulties, anxiety and other mental health issues
  • Keep your parents educated with on/off site workshops