At Psychological Assessment Solutions we provide assistance for parents who are concerned with their child’s behaviour, emotional adjustment, learning difficulties or just want a second professional opinion. The clinic offers assistance and practical tips for parents of children of all ages, from todlers to teenagers.

The types of concerns that parents and teachers seek assistance for include:

  • Vocational Assessment: when your child is not sure what career path to take or what subjects to choose in Year 11 or 12

  • Dyslexia Assessment and Learning Difficulties

  • School Readiness Assessment and Behavioural Difficulties Assessment such as ADHD and ODD

  • Preschool difficulties such as aggression, fears, nightmares, or bed-wetting

  • Primary and High School schooler problems such as bullying, low self-esteem, or homework difficulties

  • Teenage behaviour concerns such as dating, peer relationships, depression, or anxiety
  • Emotional well-being such as depression, anxiety, or stress
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