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  • Do you have a student with issues that are beyond the scope of your school psychologists’ expertise?
  • Do you have a student who needs an expert behavioural assessment & intervention?

In Australia, children enter school with marked differences in the cognitive, non-cognitive and social skills needed for success in the school environment. These initial differences are predictive of later academic and occupational success.

Assessments can take place within school hours or at the child’s home with feedback provided on the same day.

Assessments offered include:

  • School Readiness
  • Mental Health
  • Behavioural Assessments
  • Cognitive – IQ
  • Academic
  • Application for funding and Disability Pension

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  • Email for a FREE copy of Self-Harm – A Guide for School Counsellors
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  • Overview of the Dyslexia Checklist.

For teachers who are not sure if their students require a comprehensive assessment to diagnose dyslexia or have a number of students that display learning difficulties, a Dyslexia Screener is a great and affordable option. The 30 minute test is an ideal tool for screening an entire year group, or for screening those pupils showing some signs of difficulty. It can play an important part in helping both specialist and non-specialist teachers distinguish between those individuals who are having general difficulties in literacy and those whose difficulties are associated with dyslexia.