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Starting School: Resources for Parents

Starting school involves a big change for your child and family. It can be a time of great excitement, but also a time of potential challenge and stress.

These resources have been compiled for families and professionals who may be seeking further information about transitioning to school.

Materials have been selected to represent differing perspectives and should not be taken as endorsement by Psychological Assessment Solutions.

Books for parents and carers on starting school (as recommended by KidsMatter)

Your child’s first year at school: A book for parents, By J. Connor & P. Linke. (2008). Early Childhood Australia, Canberra, ACT.

Is your child ready for school?: A guide for parents, By S. Heriot & I.L. Beale. (2004). Acer Press, Camberwell, Vic.

Our family is starting school, B. Perry & S. Dockett. (2008). Pademelon Press, Sydney.

Books for children starting school.

Children love book and its one of the ways that they learn about the world around them. Here are some of my favorites:

The Night Before Kindergarten (Sticker Stories)

  • The books includes more than 75 stickers so children can act out getting ready for kindergarten and having fun on the first day of school.

Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! By Carlson, Nancy.

  • It’s the first day of kindergarten and Henry is raring to go. He gets ready, packs up, and thinks about all of the exciting activities that will keep him busy. However, when he first arrives, Henry is not so sure he is ready. As he gets involved he quickly finds out that kindergarten is even more fun than he thought it would be.

Born in the Gravy. By Cazet, Denys 1993.

  • Margarita shouts “I’m a kindergartener,” when she arrives home from her first day of school. She shares a special moment with her Papa when she tells him about all the friends she made and the wonderful things she did that day.

First Day Jitters. Dannenberg, Julie. 2000.

  • Sarah Jane Hartwell is hiding under the covers because she is feeling uneasy about the first day of school. Mr. Hartwell tries to remind her about all of the things she likes about school, for example, making new friends. After much coaxing Sarah goes to school where she is welcomed by the principal, who shows her to her new class and helps her settle in. Parents and children will enjoy the surprise ending.

Little Bear Goes to Kindergarten. By Langreuter, Jutta and Sobat, Vera.

  • As little bear starts off for kindergarten he talks about all of the exciting things he remembers from his visit to the school. Although he is enjoying his new class when he arrives, he does not want his mom to leave. He quickly gets involved in a game with new friends and soon forgets about being sad.

Change in their behaviour

Starting school involves a big change for your child. It is normal for children to experience a range of feelings about this big change. Some feel excited about the prospect of going to the Big School, while others feel nervous or anxious about what lies ahead. Understanding and helping your child to handle the feelings associated with starting school will help to reduce their stress and can provide them with positive coping strategies. Read More.

Developing their coping skills

Helping children manage their emotions is important for children’s developing self-regulation skills, resilience, and sense of self, nurturing their mental health and well-being. How do I develop my child’s coping skills?

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