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Dyslexia Assessment – Valuable Insight for Parents and Teachers

Written 08-09-2014 by pas
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Dyslexia Assessment – Valuable Insight for Parents and Teachers

Dyslexia is estimated to affect some 10% of the Australian population. In Australia, 10% of children have Dyslexia according to the Australian Dyslexia Association Trust and according to some studies upto 20% of children leaving school are unable to read properly. This is partly down to Dyslexia not being detected in some children.

When Dyslexia is not detected in a child, it can cause a child to lose self-confidence and cause them to suffer from depression, with not understanding why they are feeling frustrated. That is why it is important to detect Dyslexia as soon as possible and if parents are concerned their child may have Dyslexia they should have them tested straight away. In Australia the term SLD (Specific/Significant Learning Difficulty/Disability) or LD (Learning Difficulty) are used interchangeably and as an umbrella term for a variety of difficulties which may or may not be dyslexia.

Without the proper diagnosis, children quite often become frustrated without the knowledge of why they are experiencing difficulties at school, lack interest in school and consequently quite often mistaken for having behavioural difficulties.

Quite often parents believe that if their children is displaying learning difficulties, it would have been picked up by their teachers. But the sad truth is that it is not so. I quite often seen children in High School who have gone undiagnosed throughout their primary school but once they start High School where there is a dramatic increase in what is being demanded of them, their ability to “cruise” is no longer sufficient enough to sustain their average grades.

According to the Australian Dyslexia Association, Dyslexia is resistant to traditional teaching and regular tutoring. Individuals with dyslexia have average to superior intelligence and can learn they just learn differently and therefore need to be taught differently.

That is why Psychological Assessment Solutions offer Dyslexia Assessments, to give children and their parents the support they need. The clinic will arrange an appointment for an assessment within 4 weeks and a comprehensive report within 14 working days.

For parents who are concerned about their children and feel they may have Dyslexia or any other type of specific learning disability, give us a call.
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